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Testimonials What our clients say

Sharon Cook The Hair Studio

The biggest financial investment we have made with regards to business coaching and training and boy are we glad we did! Best move ever was to work with Simon Harris. Our staff are motivated and enthusiastic to the changes being implemented.

Kevin Franks Novo Salon

Working with Simon has been fantastic; our team is more focused and motivated which is reflected in a significant increase in salon turnover.

Liam Fry Tony Wood Hairdressing

From our point of view, it was awesome and could have stayed there all day listening to you. As you only had a short amount of time to get all your fantastic points across it would be great to grab the slides from you. Again, it was great listening to you and your experience within our industry.

Ken Eastwood

Kennadys, Ingatestone

With a lot of Simons' systems in place we are beginning to see some quite astonishing results in turnover, rebooking and, most important, staff morale and engagement within the business.

Martin Kolton OBE

Grateful Heads Salon

The implementation of Simon’s 6 Key Question consultation system has ensured that the styling team is now consistent in its approach to every client.

John Roads Gatsby & Miller

With a wealth of industry experts available in salon growth the challenge is selecting the perfect advisor. This challenge made more difficult with limited time available to attend several day courses, or thousands of pounds available to invest into advisors. If this is your challenge too I have found the answer, Simon Harris of My Salon Manager! Straight to the areas that matter, without fuss or complicating what's required. Simple, straightforward advice that makes a real, meaningful difference.

Sophia HiltonNot Another Salon

The targets we worked on are really working! Everyone is really focused on them. Once again, great advice from you Simon. It pays to have a knowledgeable person on the end of the phone, that’s for sure. My business advisor, Simon Harris, is like a big, warm Security Blanket!

Craig Grateful Heads

Simon is amazing. He manages to get you to think differently about how you manage your business and your staff. Since putting into place some of his performance management suggestions we have noticed a huge change for the better. Our staff is more motivated and can see that we are genuinely interested in them and committed to their progress. With Simon, it’s not about him - it’s all about your business and getting fantastic results.

My Salon Manager

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