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Welcome To Staff Management

Module 2

A happy and motivated team creates the ultimate environment for your salon clients and visitors. Keeping everyone who visits and works in your business engaged and treated fairly are the key to success.

New Staff


Intergrating New Staff Successfully covers inductions and ensuring your new team are aware of what's expected of them.

Retaining Staff


Retaining staff is not just valuable in terms of continuity and customer loyalty but it has a high value in cash terms to your business.

Generation Gap


Different generations need treating, not necessarily differently, but with due consideration to their background and their aspirations.

Front Of House


Thinking of hiring a Receptionist? With the right systems in place, Front Of House can play a significant role in your Salon business.

Staff Holidays


Your team booking holiday should be a breeze. This means having the systems in place so as everyone is treated fairly and morale remains high.

Difficult Staff


Difficult staff are a problem that needs to be addressed. They are a problem for the salon owner, their co-workers and the clients. Grab the bull by the horns.

Managing Managers


In this course you will learn about the ideal qualities needed to be a successful manager, and the correct approach to appointing a successful manager. 

Self Employed Or Disguised Employee


The law changes in 2020 and now there will be a comprehensive set of criteria that must be met to denote self employed status.

Time Management


Time management is a skill that can be learned and acquired, and this can be learned by everyone. So let's get started, this is money for nothing.