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Performance Management

Module 3

Giving your team clear guidance on how to achieve their goals and aspirations leads to your success and the accomplishment of your salon objectives.

Performance Reviewing


From the day you conduct your first performance review you,

begin to see the benefits in both business and staff morale.

Managing Staff Attendance


When your business starts to be affected by staff attendance problems it can have repercussions.

The Perfect Appraisal


Give your staff the opportunity to develop their personal skills in both their best interests and those of the business.

Measuring Salon Performance


As a salon owner you need to be setting the performance criteria and means of measuring that performance.

Improving Performance


We are constantly running our businesses against a series of constantly changing circumstances. Are you ready?

Rewarding Managers


How you reward a manager is going to have massive implications for your business, so it is essential that you get it right.