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Recruitment & Training

Module 6

Recruiting the right team and having clear guidelines for their success are paramount to the growth of your salon business.

Recruitment & Training


Put in place a strategy that will ensure success, they eliminate guess work and a trail and error approach that adversely affects your profitability.

Building A Column


Building a Column is an often overlook component of business growth. If you don't implement a plan, sure a stylist can grow organically.

Improving Rebooking


This course will teach you how to increase your rebooking in a friendly and natural manner, which after all, is what it should be.

Recruiting The Right Staff


It will probably come as no surprise to discover that we are going to have to put in some work to make your business the "Go to Place".

The Apprenticeship Dilemma


How do we change our mindset to "Recruiting an Apprentice" to "How do we ensure we have a source of future qualified stylists?

Recruitment Workshop


Raymond shares his knowledge of technology and Social Media as a low-cost tool to open the recruitement process to a wider audience.