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Module 7

Pricing and service delivery are imperative to creating a feeling of consistency and fairness in your salon. Having a great price lost means transparency and a clear structure for your team to follow.

Keeping Your Promise


Clients want to know what makes your salon different from all the others out there - and you need to be able to tell them.

Retail Sales From Your Salon


Done correctly retail can greatly enhance your client experience and raise the profile of your stylist.

Managing Client Complaints


Like every other aspect of your business complaints need to be handled logically, methodically and consistently.

Creating A Great Price List


Creating a Great Price List is a valuable asset for your business. It can directly influence whether clients walk in the door or walk on by.

Discounts & Rewards


We need to look at the whole picture of discounts and rewards before we make a decision as to what is the correct approach  for our business.

Stylists Leaving


Raymond presents tips on how to handle a Stylist leaving whilst doing your upmost to retain your salon clientele. Not doing anything can result in big losses.