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3 Top Tips for Hiring the best Hairdressers in town

Who wants to work at the best salon in town, with excellent training and commission on takings?

The answer is everyone.

But does your salon fulfil its recruitment promises, and does your salon stand out from the crowd?

Here's some food for thought on how to help your salon stand out from the crowd when recruiting for the best hairdressing talent in your area...


Does your salon have employee-focused perks, something that appeals to stylists in your area?

For example, closing your salon on Saturdays allows your team to spend time with their loved ones. Or discounts at some local, green businesses. After all, it's all about care and community in 2021.

It's all about great communication

Do you do performance training to help stylists build their column or apprentices develop? You'd be surprised at how many hair salons don't help stylists steer towards their targets with feedback and training on actual performance.

Proactive management always has a positive impact on your hairstylist's performance vs reactive conversations that often lead to negative emotions and poor results on both sides when someone is underperforming.

Set them up to succeed

An achievable target is always a winner in our books. Some salons have unrealistic targets and expectations based on the time the stylist worked in your salon business. Targets done right will keep your stylist happy and engaged with your business, not to mention add £'s onto their take-home pay!

Download Our Free Guide

Want to know more about recruitment and integrating new staff? Our free download 'Recruitment Handbook' is worth a read.


Do you need help with your salon business?

MySalonManager is a salon business consultancy specialising in targets, pricing and business performance, and our membership starts at £55 (ex VAT) per month.

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