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Get Your Salon Winter-Ready: Top Tips for a Successful Christmas Season

Winter is right around the corner, and along with it comes the festive cheer of Christmas. As a salon owner, preparing your salon for Christmas is essential for capturing the Christmas spirit and boosting your hair salon's success. From Christmas hours to retail strategies, we’ve gathered a few hints and tips to ensure your salon is ready for the busiest time of the year.

“Anticipating the future needs of our clients and preparing our salon accordingly is at the heart of a successful winter season. By thinking ahead, we ensure that every client visit is smooth, every service is perfect, and every team member is motivated. A proactive approach will have your clients not only rebooking for their next visit in the New Year but also sets the tone for a prosperous Christmas at your salon”, says Raymond from MySalonManager.

[1] Christmas Hours Sorted?

One of the first steps to ensure a successful winter season is establishing and communicating your Christmas hours well in advance. Clients need to know when you're open and available to make them look and feel their best for the holidays.

Have you considered extending your salon's opening times to accommodate more clients during this busy time? By planning now and marketing these extended hours to allow clients to book their appointments early, you create a sense of urgency and help your clients plan their festive ‘do’s’ more effectively.

[2] Retail Sales Training

Christmas isn't just about hair transformations; it's also an excellent opportunity to boost retail sales. Ask your supplier/s if they can do any retail sales training in September or October for your team to ensure they're ready to sell products to your clients.

Bonus Tips: You could also ask your suppliers if they have any cost-saving packages or retail incentives for your team. After all, who doesn’t want to make more profit on those bottles of shampoo?

[3] Styling Training for the Team

Parties and gatherings are one of the best parts of the Christmas period. Ensure your team is ready to create stunning party looks for your clients. Styling training could equip your stylists with the latest trends and techniques, allowing them to deliver exceptional results.

Training on a budget? There are plenty of free resources online, such as ‘The Salon Guy’ on Youtube:

[4] Introducing New Services

Have you considered introducing new salon services at the busiest time of the year? You could explore ideas with your team and encourage them to share their ideas on what services they think would have a significant impact; after all, they tend to know the salon's clients better than anyone and may have a few ideas you’d never think of! Involving your stylists in creating new services could give them ownership and commitment to these new ideas. Remember, innovation keeps your salon fresh and exciting in so many ways.

[5] Retail Incentive Competitions For Stylists

Why not try a bit of friendly competition in your retail sales plan this Christmas? Plan retail incentive competitions for November and December to motivate your team to upsell products and hot tools. Offer rewards for the top performers, creating a sense of accomplishment and excitement. These competitions increase retail profits and enhance team morale, making this Christmas at your salon even more exciting.

[6] The Christmas Party

Remember to book the team Christmas party! This is an opportunity for the team to unwind and relax. When your salon team knows they're appreciated, their enthusiasm and dedication translate into top-notch service for your clients. As a salon manager or salon owner, it's wise to go easy on the drinks during the evening – these gatherings can get a bit wild, and as a manager or owner, you could be setting an example for your team. Demonstrating responsible behaviour at the party can help maintain a professional and respectful atmosphere back at the salon.

Bonus Tip: Consider booking the team party outside the busy period in November or January when the salon is quieter. Your team can let their hair down and relax better, meaning a much better event for all.

[7] Limited-Time Specials and Packages

Boost retail sales even more by designing Christmas-themed packages and limited-time offers to pique your clients' interest. These could include bundled services, retail offers and gift card promotions (perhaps with an offer that incentivises clients to rebook for January or February). Promote these offers through social media, email campaigns (ensure you are GDPR compliant), and your salon's website to encourage great results!

Bonus Tip: Our friends at Lockhart Meyer have some great ideas for making the most from your salon Christmas Marketing; link here for your free guide:


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