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Retaining Your Salon Team

MySalonManager co-director Raymond shares our top tips on retaining your team and keeping your team engaged and productive at your salon business.

Where's the talent gone?

Recruitment in 2022 for hair salons and barbershops appears challenging; with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation reporting in the week to the 12th of June 22, hairdressing and barbering were among the most heavily advertised trades, representing a staggering 11.6% of job ads in the week.

So, where did all of these employed hairdressers and barbers go?

We think some are looking to achieve a better work/life balance and have gone freelance, and some have left the industry following the pandemic, seeking change after lockdowns have broken their habits.

Whilst attracting new people to your business might feel like it's a top priority, we think it's a great time to focus on the growth, development, and inclusion of your current salon team, inspiring them to keep working for your fantastic salon.

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Engage with your team

"Give people time. Give people space. Don’t beg anyone to stay. Let them roam. What’s meant for you will always be yours." Reyna Biddy

Don't let busy columns deter you from communicating to your team individually and as a team. Making time to speak is invaluable to the retention of your team, not to mention a considerable contributor to positive salon culture...

[1] Well-planned team meetings can help develop the employee voice. Allowing your team to contribute their ideas and share their thoughts is a powerful agent in boosting productivity.

[2] One-to-one meetings, where you review their performance and positive contributions to the salon, can be great at helping them understand how they can achieve their goals.

"One-to-ones give you a chance to celebrate their successes and share any tips on how they can improve their service to boost takings", Raymond says.

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Watch our course on 'Retaining Your Team' here, complete with our handy action plan and an interview with HJ's Business Director Of The Year 2022, at Medusa Hairdressing, Colin McAndrew. Click here to access it.

Plan For Success

Ensuring there is no ceiling on what your talented team can achieve in your salon is key to high engagement and excellent performance.

[1] The transition from being an Apprentice to being on the shop floor or treatment room isn't always straightforward, and these freshly qualified people are the future of your salon business.

Plan for their success with a timeline of when they can expect to be on the shop floor and discuss with them what they feel their strengths and weaknesses are.

Raymond says this way; we can help them develop their skill further, leading to excellent client feedback, not to mention a happy hair stylist, barber, or therapist.

[2] Usually, hairdressers and therapists are on commission, and the prices they charge are directly reflected in their payslips at the end of the pay period.

If prices are too low to motivate your team with meaningful rewards, you'll find it tricky to inspire your team to perform at a high level.

Consider reviewing your prices and think about your salon profits whilst planning.

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[3] There are inevitable changes in every team and succession plan for the future.

Write down your expected team changes over the next 12 months.

You may consider some of the following:

  • Team members who seem disengaged

  • Maternity leave

  • Apprentices Qualifying

  • Times of year, you need to increase hours to cover demand, being mindful of 'burnout' (ho-ho-ho)

  • Increasing stylists' numbers for business growth

Using this list, plan your staff hours, and use it to start your recruitment plan!

Have you been able to recruit and retain experienced stylists since April 2021?

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Research suggests that 76% of employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training and 55% say they need additional training to perform better in their roles - Training organisation Talent LMS

Learning and development plans for all team members keep the creatives engaged but also upskill those who aren't working directly on your clientele, such as receptionists, managers, and assistants.

Here are a few cost-effective ideas:

[1] Why not speak to your product supplier and see if they can offer some affordable, if not complimentary, training on the innovations and techniques. You may even have some points that you could trade in for some training.

[2] How about an open chair night at the salon? You could offer a chance for team members to share what they do and love the most with the rest of the team - it could be a great way of stimulating consistency in the client service, not to mention cultivating a collaborative culture.

[3] Boost retail performance and knowledge with fantastic online learning portals full of colour theory and expertise. Wella offers lots of free courses on colour theory, and when your team completes the lessons, they get a certificate to celebrate the online course completion - bonus!

Are the stylists looking to do an intensive or expensive course?

Whilst times could be challenging, remember that learning and development are crucial to the retainment and engagement of your team. Investing in them is the most powerful thing you can do to have a thriving culture in your salon business that retains its outstanding team.

We wish your salon a thriving summer.

Raymond x

Do you need some help with pricing, targets, or salon strategy? MySalonManager is an expert in salon growth. Contact us here.

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